Best Practices for Handling Vehicle Event Data Recorders (2016)

Event data recorders, also known as “black boxes” or “sensing diagnostic modules,” capture information such as the speed of a vehicle and the use of a safety belt. In the event of a collision this information can be used to help understand how the vehicle’s systems performed.  In December of 2012, the National Highway Traffic Administration proposed a rule that would require automakers to install event data recorders in all new light passenger vehicles. . . 2016VehicleEventDataRecorders

Evaluating Data Privacy and Security Issues of Self-Driving Vehicles (2016)

Self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, may be the greatest disruptive innovation to travel that we have experienced in a century. A fully-automated, self-driving car is able to perceive its environment, determine the optimal route, and drive unaided by human intervention for the entire journey. Self-driving cars have the potential to drastically reduce accidents, travel time, and the environmental impact of road travel. However, obstacles remain for the full implementation of the technology including the need to reduce public fear, increase reliability, and create adequate regulations . . . 2016SelfDrivingCars