Tax Filing Fraud

Tax Filing Fraud

Tax returns and W-2s are information rich documents that contain the name and Social Security Number of an employee, as well as information concerning their salary and address, and personal behavior and characteristics (e.g., the charities that they support, their sources of income, their investments, and their relationships with financial institutions). Each year cyber-attackers target these documents. If successful, an attacker may attempt to sell sensitive information contained in the file. Other attackers may attempt to use tax-related documents (e.g., an employee’s W-2) to submit a fraudulent income tax return in the hope of obtaining any refund owed to an employee. …

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How to Avoid or Respond to Wire Transfer Fraud (2016)

Businesses are increasingly falling victim to wire fraud scams – sometimes referred to as “man-in-the-email” or “business email compromise” scams. Although there are multiple variants, a common situation involves an attacker gaining access to the email system of a company, or the company’s vendor, and monitoring email traffic about an upcoming transaction. When it comes time to submit an invoice or a payment, the attacker impersonates one of the parties and sends wire instructions asking that payment be sent to the attacker’s bank account….